Happy Women Day GenXSentinel
Happy Women Day GenXSentinel

Political Leader

Dr. Parineeta Fuke,
Corporator NMC,
Director, Hillfort Public School 
Women are already strong , now the time is to realise their strength and have freedom to be able to choose their own way and explore their choices and decisions .
She should be respected for who she is and what she achieve, not for who she belongs too.
Women should not demand but Command .
Happy women Day
सौ. नंदाताई जिचकार, महापौर, नागपूर 
महिलांनी स्वतःचे आरोग्य ,आहार जपले पाहिजे. महिलांनी  शिक्षित होऊन स्वावलंबी  व्हावे. महिला जितकं ज्ञान ग्रहण करतील तितकी त्यांची प्रगती होईल.
महिला मजबूत तर देश मजबूत.
स्त्री ही त्याग, नम्रता, श्रद्धा व सुजाणपणा याची मुर्ती आहे. ती कोणत्याच बाबतीत कमी नाही. पारंपारिकरित्या पुरूषांची समजली जाणारी क्षेत्रे महिला काबीज करत आहे.
विविध क्षेत्रात मुली ठामपणे पाय रोवून उभ्या असल्याचे चित्र आज आहे. त्यामुळे आजच्या मुली कसा विचार करतात, असे मनात येते.
सर्व महिलांनी सुखी, समाधानी व आनंदी राहावे हीच ईश्वर चरणी प्रार्थना करते. सर्व महिलांना जागतिक महिला दिनाच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा.

Business Women

Sheetal Dhopate GenXSentinel
Sheetal Dhopate GenXSentinel

Ar.Sheetal Dhopte,

Architect & Interior Designer.
Co-founder Director, Excel Interior Design Institute, Nagpur.
Co-founder, Inspire Book Review club.
Woman embibes excellent managerial qualities, that’s a proven fact. If we refer to the origin of mankind she is a gatherer and care taker of the family. If she can take care of 4 in family, she can extend her skill to take care of 40 and 400 as well.
When she was confined to the work within the household, her skills did not get enough space, but were still reflected in the event she held, bonding she created between the close and distant family members.My generation women have not constricted their skills to just serving the family but to painting a larger canvas with more serious objectives. Be it the sector of medical, banking, aviation, education, finance or Construction, she has proved her edge over her counter part, due to her adaptability, team building and nurturing qualities.She has chosen education over early marriage and as a result wants to make the best application of her education. Also , self dependence & financial independence are of prime importance for her, due to the growing unpredictability of life. 
Ketaki Arbat GenXSentinel
Ketaki Arbat GenXSentinel

Ketki Arbat

11 years Administrative head at KRIMS hospitals
7 years Founder-  PRAWAH a non profit organisation which conducts various awareness campaigns
7 years Founder- MANCH Performing arts forum
Self development trainer since 2006
Associated with a School project at Pauni.
Women’s Day is the day to pay tribute to every Woman and to salute her immense contribution in shaping the society.
I think a while, when I smile,
It’s u, who has brought this smile,
From a long distance mile,
I am sending u a warm wish to delight, With this I want to say that u are the most special person of ur life…!!!
Happy woman’s day


Teaching Profession 
piyali sarkar GenXSentinel
piyali sarkar GenXSentinel
Piyali Sarkar, Assistant Professor, Department of Information Technology, St. Vincent Pallotti College of Engineering and Technology, Nagpur.
I am in this field for almost 3 years.
I am a writer and have written more than 12 articles in local newspaper.
They are mostly on topics related to day to day market, conpetition, society and career. I am a trained classical Dancer having 12 years of training in bharatnatyam, a trained table tennis player but now out of practice. I have learnt the Keyboard.
Women take up this profession for various reasons like safety, limited working period, less amount of stress, disciplined life and dedicated equal amount of time to family. For a women, she has to play various roles with proper balance and dedication everyday. She is a mother, a wife, a daughter, a daughter in law and a professional woman. I took up this career coz i dont like the life of IT world. I could live with my parents and at the same time can pursue my career with proper balance.. I get time for myself. I can study or prepare for other competitive exams and many more..i always get to interact with people younger to me and learn various things from them.. Whether new technologies, different ideas of innovation or their fast pace methodologies and approach.
My schooling was from a girls school. 
So i am aware of facts very well.. Being a woman only I know the importance of education in my life which only a  woman can explain another woman.. How it gives strength, power and confidence. How it inculcates the power of decision within a person.
Akshada gajbhiye GenXSentinel
Akshada gajbhiye GenXSentinel
Akshada Gajbhiye.  Researcher. recently submitted Ph. D in Biotechnology in Pune University.
When I was doing Ph.D i was surrounded with 70% males. At a work environment dominated by males, females usually get underrepresented and overlooked. Sometimes it becomes very challenging to work in a male dominated work place with Regards to long hours and physical strength. Women in most work places are under valued.
Even if women have attained rights at the work place of equal pay and respect and opportunities have increased , a stable work life balance is still a far fetched dream. Women empowerment is still a vacant promise as they have to face a lot more challenge with respect to maintaining efficiency at work as well as family.
Even if a woman is successful in having a career she still has to face prejudice regarding her personal choices be it marriage, motherhood or more commonly her cooking skills. Safety of women in India is a major concern today as evident by the rising number of  cases of women assault.
Instead of freedom women are being presented with more societal chains. A major mindset shift in society is required before real women empowerment comes into practise.

Social Worker

Bharti Handa GenXSentinel
Bharti Handa GenXSentinel

Mrs. Bharti Handa

B.A., M.A. Mar. Lit., M.A. Sociology, B.Ed, Montessori 

Dear All beauties,

Every home and every heart. Every feeling and every moment of happiness is truly incomplete without you for only you can complete this world.

Wish you a wonderful International Women  Day!


Mamta Bhoyar GenXSentinel
Mamta Bhoyar GenXSentinel
सौ. ममता  भोयर 
माजी नगरसेविका , 
महिला  प्रदेश अध्यक्ष,
विश्व मानवाधिकार संगठन 
प्रिय सखी
आत्मसन्मानाच्या वाटेवर पाऊल सदा पडावे,
विवेकाच्या अवगुंठनात व्यक्तीत्व तुझे फुलावे,
अन्यायाशी झुंजण्याला मनाला द्यावी उभारी,
आकांक्षांना पंख फुटावे घ्यावी नवी भरारी,
क्षितीज केवढे अफाट आहे,
गवसणीसाठी जिद्द हवी,
परस्परांच्या साथीने,
प्रगतीची ही चाल हवी.
महिला दिनाच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा!